Development status of plastic machinery industry in China.
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Development status of plastic machinery industry in China.

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Development status of plastic machinery industry in China.

Plastic machinery industry has developed rapidly, its speed of development and the main economic indicators in the 194 industries in the machinery industry among the best. Plastic machinery manufacturing capacity of about 200 thousand units (sets), a full range of categories, ranked first in the world.
At present, China's major plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises in nearly 400, large and medium enterprises 200 or so, the size of the backbone of enterprises have 10. Emerging plastic machinery enterprises to grasp the new and high technology, has a series of characteristics of scientific and technological innovation, institutional innovation, management innovation, has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign counterparts.
China plastic machinery enterprises are mainly distributed in the southeast coastal area, the Pearl River Delta, including Ningbo region the most fierce momentum of development, has now become the largest China injection molding machine production base, annual production capacity accounted for more than the domestic annual output of 1/2 injection molding machine, injection molding machine of the world accounted for 1/3. Plastic mold industry update, technological innovation has also been an unprecedented gratifying changes. Shantou, Guangdong Province, most of the enterprises have been introduced to Germany, France, Italy and China's Taiwan Province, the latest computer automated mold processing technology, greatly improving the quality of the mold technology, quality.
Chinese plastic machinery has developed rapidly, production varieties are more, basically can general technical equipment supply of domestic plastic raw material processing and plastic products processing, forming the required, individual products also entered the world, but compared with developed countries such as Germany, Japan, Italy, China plastic machinery there is a certain gap, mainly in few varieties, high energy consumption, low control level and stability.
At present, China's plastic machinery products are mainly concentrated in the general small and medium equipment, low technical content, in twentieth Century 80-90 years of low grade products oversupply, machinery manufacturing capacity surplus, enterprise efficiency decline. Some varieties, especially the super fine large high-grade products or blank, still need to import. According to 2001 statistics, China's imports of plastic machinery to use foreign exchange $1 billion 120 million, while exports of plastic machinery is only $130 million, imports are far greater than exports.
Chinese joined the World Trade Organization (WTO), machinery manufacturing accelerate shifts abroad, some of the world's well-known plastic machinery enterprises, such as Germany Demag, Krupp, Baden Phil, Japan Sumitomo heavy industry companies stationed in China, some still further established a technology center. Foreign plastic machinery manufacturers to enter China's plastics machinery industry has brought the development of vitality, but also to make China's plastics machinery manufacturing enterprises are full of opportunities and challenges.


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