TPU Air Duct Extrusoion Line
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TPU Air Duct Extrusoion Line

TPU Air Duct Extrusoion Line
  • SJ45/SJ55
  • Jingda
  • 84778000

PU Duct Extrusion Line

Application: It is mainly used for conveying the solids with high high-speed flow ratio and high wearing, such as sand, gravel, grain, cullet and scraps; medium for gaseity and liquid, underground convey; convey hoses for glass factory. The port, steel mill, quarry, shipyard and cement mill use it as protective hose.

Features: It is high wear resistance protection, with reinforced steel wire and narrow inclination (Wear resistance is 2.5 5 times higher than most rubber material and 6  8 times higher than soft PVC material). Flat and smooth inner wall make the flow run well. The weight is low and it has some elasticity.

StructureSpiral elastic steel wire is embedded strongly in the hose wall, which makes exterior flowability optimized. Wall thickness is about 3  3.5mm, strengthen the main wearing parts.
Material Hose wall: Pre-PUR.    Spiral ribelastic steel wire

Temperature range -40°C to125°C can get up to 150°C in a short time.

Machine technical information:


SJ55/28, SJ65/28, SJ80/28, SJ90/28

Pipe range(mm)

25  500

Capacity (KG/H)

20  200





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